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Convocatoria Extraordinaria de 2018
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UNIVERSIDADES PÚBLICAS DE LA COMUNIDAD DE MADRID EVALUACIÓN PARA EL ACCESO A LAS ENSEÑANZAS UNIVERSITARIAS OFICIALES DE GRADO Curso 20172018 MATERIA INGLÉS OPCIÓN A Saving the British Pub In 1946 George Orwell described his favourite pub The Moon under Water where there were mirrors behind the bar and a ceiling stained dark yellow by tobacco smoke It was the perfect pub but it didnt exist since the ideal boozer lived only in Orwells imagination If we carry on the way we are by 2046 many of the …

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Cultured meat

Cultured meat, also called synthetic meat, cell-cultured meat, clean meat, and in vitro meat, is meat grown in cell culture instead of inside animals. It is a form of cellular agriculture. Cultured meat is produced using many of the same tissue engineering techniques traditionally used in regenerative medicine. Due to technical challenges associated with scaling and cost-reduction, cultured meat has not yet been commercialized. The first cultured beef burger patty, created by Dr. Mark Post at Maastricht University, was eaten at a demonstration for the press in London in August 2013.

The Beatles

The Beatles waren eine britische Beatband und später auch Rockband in den 1960er Jahren. Mit mehr als 600 Millionen – nach Schätzungen ihrer Plattenfirma EMI sogar mehr als einer Milliarde – verkauften Tonträgern sind sie die bisher kommerziell erfolgreichste Band der Musikgeschichte.

Fossil fuel

Fossil fuels are fuels formed by natural processes such as anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms, containing energy originating in ancient photosynthesis. The age of the organisms and their resulting fossil fuels is typically millions of years, and sometimes exceeds 650 million years. Fossil fuels contain high percentages of carbon and include petroleum, coal, and natural gas. Other commonly used derivatives include kerosene and propane. Fossil fuels range from volatile materials with low carbon:hydrogen ratios like methane, to liquids like petroleum, to nonvolatile materials compos…


Netflix, Inc. is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD by mail. In 2013, Netflix expanded into film and television production, as well as online distribution. the company has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California.

The Moon Under Water

"The Moon Under Water" is a 1946 essay by George Orwell, originally published as the Saturday Essay in the Evening Standard on 9 February 1946, in which he provided a detailed description of his ideal public house, the fictitious Moon Under Water. It was Orwell's last contribution to the Evening Standard.


Methane (or) is a chemical compound with the chemical formula (one atom of carbon and four atoms of hydrogen). It is a group 14 hydride and the simplest alkane, and is the main constituent of natural gas. The relative abundance of methane on Earth makes it an attractive fuel, though capturing and storing it poses challenges due to its gaseous state under normal conditions for temperature and pressure.

Land consumption

Land consumption as part of human resource consumption is the conversion of land with healthy soil and intact habitats into areas for industrial agriculture, traffic (road building) and especially urban human settlements. More formally, the EEA has identifid 3 land consuming activities:…