Examen de Inglés de el País Vasco (PAU de 2016)

UNIBERTSITATERA SARTZEKO PROBAK 2016ko EKAINA PRUEBAS DE ACCESO A LA UNIVERSIDAD JUNIO 2016 INGELESA INGLÉS Choose between option A and option B Specify the option you have chosen Please dont forget to write down your code on each of your answer sheets OPTION A BUYING WHAT YOU DONT NEED Our consumer society gets us to buy stuff we dont need but you may not have heard of the Diderot Effect which is the term for when you buy something new and then it makes your other possessions look bad by compa…
Comunidad AutĂłnoma PaĂ­s Vasco
Asignatura Inglés
Convocatoria Ordinaria de 2016
Fase General

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